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Intended Use    

- Dimmable LED 

- Switching and dimming incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps and  Dimmable Electronic transformers with halogen lamps 

- Suitable for mixed operation up to the specified output 

- Installation in appliance box according to the standard panel

Product Characteristic

- Dimming method: Trailing edge phase control 

- Electronic short-circuit protection

- Overload protection

- Over current protection

- Over temperature protection


DE P350A

Operating Voltage220-240V~50/60Hz
Maximum Load350W
Connected Load

10VA- 350VA(1-15 LEDs, 150W Max)

Type of Loads (Options)

Dimmable LED;

           220-240V AC lncandescent lamps;

           High voltage halogen lamps;

           Dimmable electrical transformer and iron transformer;

           Mixed load of the specified types

ConnectionScrew Terminals
Operating Temperature -20℃ /+45℃
Body MaterialPlastic
Product ColourTransparent Purple or White
Warranty3 years
Outer Packing360*360*285mm (200pcs/ctn)

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