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LED Drivers & Control System

DANSON offers a range of custom made LED drivers to
optimize the performance of the LED systems.
The current/voltage characteristic of an LED is similar to the diodes.







Current through a diode varies exponentially with the applied voltage; an increase in applied voltage will cause
more current to flow in the diode.
If the applied maximum rated voltage exceeds by a small amount, a larger current will flow through LED chip and
potentially will destroy the LED chip.

To overcome this issue , DANSON always uses flicker free constant current drivers
designed according to the chip specs ,this will ensure the stable operation of
chips and will avoid any hotspots. The followings are the key features of DANSON
custom made drivers.
Isolated AC/DC off-line LED drivers
Power factor > 0.95
Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 10%
Under 5% 100Hz/120Hz output current ripple
Tight led current requlation +_ 5%
Under 0.5s start-up time
LED open circuit protection
Over-current protection
LED short circuit protection
Input over-voltage and brown-out protection
Dimming Options :  Triac dimmable ( leading , trailing and Universal ),
   0-10V interface for dimming control, DALI , Zigbee.

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